Welcome to the beginning of my campaign setting on Obsidian Portal. It is a homebrew world known by its inhabitants as Belqu’a, which, in some long-forgotten tongue, means “the Blessed Lands”

The world is highly populated with empires and nations controlling almost every square inch of land on the surface. Mainly human, there are few elves outside of their isolated communities, and what dwarves there are are fleeing persecution. Gnomes and Halflings are very well saturated into Human populations, although they are rare.

The world is highly magical, with both wizards and priests having a strong influence on the world. Humanoid and goblinoid races flourish in most areas, uncontrolled by the various kingdoms and empires, providing a constant threat that every adventurer must beware of.

Impoverished in the Northlands is the first of possibly many campaigns that will center on this world, taking its characters, both old and new through a series of campaigns and adventures that will ultimately lead to a new world.



Impoverished in the Northlands

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