Impoverished in the Northlands

a run-in in the streets

Today’s session was light, if tense. After their clashes with the Mad Hatchets, Ahab inquired to a woman of ill repute as to what she could tell about them. She identified the man he knocked unconcious as Henry Noob, leader of the street thugs, and told him to watch for Noob’s temper. He is the sort to look for revenge. She also told him of the 3 other leaders of the crew, Shady McFingers, an accomplished thief and pickpocket, Marl Cao, a strange, dark-skinned individual from either the Osisis desert or the K’res D’Se’ea islands off the eastern shores of Acria who doesn’t talk much but radiates danger, and the Hatchet himself, Rodast Banup, who, she says, is crazier “than a ferret in a chicken coop.”

Ahab leaves the Tin Cup after making sure he was on good relations with Neal Brooch the bartender, and headed to the Doretea residence the following morning to discuss options with his fellow adventurers. With the coming snowstorm and their lack of supplies, they are likely held within the city for at least another day. The trio decide to venture to other parts of town, namely to visit the blacksmith where Ithas intends to look for work as a locksmith.

The entire trip to the blacksmith’s smithy, the trio notice that the Hatchets, at least some of the lower thugs, are following them. Ithas seems to recognize at least two individuals who have been following the entire time, a blond man and a man with a profound scar.

The blond appears to be in charge, so after attempting to help Corlyn with some rusty locks, the trio confronts him in the street, they notice at least ten other thugs skulking nearby, and make the wise decision to handle the blond man without bloodshed. He introduces himself as Shady McFingers, and warns the party that they are meddling in the wrong affairs. He makes a special note to warn Ahab that he must stop preaching his creed at the Tin Cup, as the Hatchets don’t want the lower classes to become – stubborn – in paying their tributes.

A small exchange occurs between Gideon and McFingers, where Gideon mocks Shady’s requests and demands, and ends with Gideon swearing to slit the man’s throat if he ever sees the blond again, and stalking off down the street. Ithas and Ahab, who have been trying to handle the situation gently, sigh at his lack of diplomacy, and turn to follow.

The party makes the decision that they are not well-equipped enough to handle a band of thugs at the moment, so thier best bet would be to collect on the goblin bounty for at least enough silver to buy spears, daggers and arrowheads. But they must somehow buy at least a few more provisions before they can face the elements outside of the city. Between them, only Gideon has a pair of boots, and Ahab does not have a proper coat or cloak. Ithas discovers that during his exchange with McFingers, he has somehow lost the stocking cap that was given to him by Mrs Doretea.

Some dispute occurs as to how to acquire money for provisions, although all three seem to unanimously agree that it should be somehow taken from the Hatchets.

Gideon, aside, thinks of ways that Ithas might be able to steal from one of the wealthy merchants. Together with Ahab, they also think of a way to dispose of a few of the lower thugs, assuming that they can take advantage of some of the rank sewer grates in the Dock Warren, which would easily hide a body. Surprisingly, the priest is generally accepting of murder, so long as the victim deserves it (as in his murder will aid the needy).

We retired until tomorrow.



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