Impoverished in the Northlands

a turn for the better

Ithas stepped up this session. Together with Gideon, sufficiently disguising their features, the pair waited outside the Silver Chalice for one of the wealthier patrons to exit, apparently deep in their cups.

A man and his wife, who was sufficiently inebriated for the both of them, stumbled into the street and began walking home some time after dark. Ithas stalked them until they were near a dark alley, then grabbed the man with a hand over his mouth, and placed the dagger against the drunken woman’s throat. “Scream and he dies,” he said, and he motioned for the pair of them to move into the alleyway. Gideon walked up to assist. They removed the purse from the wealthy man, with a small amount of change in it. They also regarded the woman’s jewelry, but decided against taking it. Ithas left after speaking the ominous message “Noob says it is time for the merchants to pay up too!” blaming the incident on the Hatchets.

They spend the night at the Doreteas, and in the morning, met Kanys Chrool the general store owner at the Iron Cauldron. After some unsuccessful bartering and growing dislike for his surly demeanor, they left him (Ithas pilfering a dagger on his way out), and went to the cobbler’s shop to purchase a fine new set of boots. Afterward, they found that a peddler had recently arrived in town, and bargained for a coat, a tinderbox, and a ball of twine. They ended the day with a few copper pieces left in their purses.

They decided that it might be best, now that they had warm clothing and boots, to march north towards the old mill Clyff talked about, and look for a way to collect on the goblin bounty, rather than stay here and possibly face the Hatchets, or the possibility of being found out in last night’s crime. It will be a two day hike, so the trio will be on the road for the rest of today, all of tomorrow, and half way through the third day.

Until tomorrow…..



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