Impoverished in the Northlands

the final assault on the goblins

the party makes minced meat out of the remaining goblins

Here again we have an assault on the goblin camp.

We see the trio working together beautifully, with the watch being set. The thief gathered leaves and sticks to build a perimiter around their small camp, the priest healed wounds, and the fighter mage, with a few torn pages he found among the shaman’s goods, learned and studied a new spell (feather fall…much to his demise he would find that it is not of particullar use on fairly level ground in combat). Together they left the pile of new belongings in the woods, packed what they would need and headed back towards the goblin camp.

The war party, having returned from their hunt, rolled back into the camp with a new wagon in tow, and a prisoner bound and gagged. It was Jonkin (it may be pronounced “YON-kin,” it’s a soft “j”), and juding by the fire and metal spit being prepared, they planned on cooking him alive.

A hasty plan was made, and Ithas tried to creep around the encampment to the other side. He was spotted almost imediately, and the goblins, led by the two remaining orcs, gave chase. Gideon and Ahab immediately raced towards Jonkin, in an effort to rescue the half elf.

melee ensued as soon as Gideon ran out of arrows. Using almost all of his spells in the effort, Ahab miraculously got close enough to the flames of the cookfire and using “create water” doused the flames, then cut Jonkin loose from his bonds. The half elf accepted healing, and sprinted to his wagon, lifting a hidden pannel in his seat, he produced a crossbow and a shortsword. Running towards Gideon, in the midsts of melee, he jumped into combat.

Together the pair of them, once Ahab caught up, dispatched the remainder of the goblins and their orc leaders.

A few hundred yards away, Ithas had fled into the woods, with many goblins chasing him. After a series of hiding and pouncing tricks, deft missile weapon use and desperate chances, Ithas held his own, aside from becoming severely wounded, and the remaining goblins weighed thier options, with no bugbear or orcs to scare them into service, they fled north.

the party used one of Jonkin’s horses to pull the second cart they had found at the site, loading it with what they could not carry in supplies, and began to head back to the old mill where Gideon, Ithas, and Jonkin could rest and heal.



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