Impoverished in the Northlands

The First Hunt

Gideon returned to the Old Mill around daybreak the next day. He delivered his two goblin heads into the pile, and reported what he had learned. The trio, assuming that he would have been followed, preferred to go on the offensive.

Ithas, Ahab and Gideon found his campsite from the day before, and almost immediately found evidence of more goblins. A set of four were stalking near to the area, the trio were ambushed, Gideon knocked unconscious and severely wounded immediately. Ithas used his fighting prowess to save the day, until Ahab called upon his priestly powers to entangle the remaining goblins (unfortunately including Ithas in the area of effect) in a mess of tree branches and brambles. Ahab cut Ithas loose, and together they killed the remaining goblins, and made sure that Gideon would survive.

Ithas heard the approach of more goblins. Together with Ahab these three more were killed, although nearly at the cost of their lives. The pair fireman-carried Gideon out of the forest, back onto the road, and headed to the Old Mill with all possible haste. On the Old Mill Road they ran into Jonkin who was traveling north to the Mine to peddle his goods. They agreed to escort him, although Ahab thought it very strange that he be here, on the wrong side of the river, alone, with so many reports of goblins around.

Having met no conflict on the road, the trio hitched a ride on a barge back down the river to the city of Kylamm, with their sack of goblin heads, to collect the bounty. The traveling process lasted about a week and a half.

Roisden, when confronted with having to pay the bounty, produced a contract that the players were supposedly beholden to, stating that the party would only get 2 silver per head instead of the originally agreed 5, because the heads were not collected withing one day of claiming the bounty. it is obvious that these rules are written to prevent the Merchants’ guild from ever having to pay full price. Ahab and Gideon heckle Roisden, even getting a rise out of the patrons of the Silver Chalice, but making Roisden very sour towards them. Roisden finally agrees to pay the full price this time, but makes sure that the party is aware of the rule of 2sp in the future.

Upon leaving the Chalice, the party is met with a small crowd who cheer for their success. Some people had been listening at windows and reporting to the crowd what happened in the exchange between them and the Guild, and were pleased. Not to mention they were very excited to finally see someone do something about the goblins. The party was given a hero’s welcome at the Iron Cauldron, where Idrai provided free drink, food and rooms for the night.

Ithas noticed some peculliar behavior from a few patrons at the party, and determined that they were thugs from the Mad Hatchets. He followed a group of them out of the tavern late that night, after making sure he bought them a few too many drinks with Idrai’s open tab. One stopped in an alleyway to urinate, and Ithas jumped him, knocking him unconscious with the hilt of his dagger, stripping him to his skibbies and taking the remainder of his money. Ithas stowed the stolen clothes (“I took them just to make a point,” he said) in a relatively unused alleyway, he noted the building that the others entered, and made a mental note that it was likely a hideout for the Hatchets.

He returned to the tavern and created an alibi by violently vomiting in the street, making sure he was seen doing it, then stumbling back into the tavern declaring himself drunk and going to bed.



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