Impoverished in the Northlands

the plot revealed.

combining the inquisition of the goblin shaman with the thoughts of Jonkin, Ahab believed that there had to be a human orchestrator behind the goblin attacks on merchant trains in the area. With some evidence, he discerned that it would have to be a member of the merchants’ guild, although not an acrian merchant for certain. With the vague description given by the shaman bbefore Gideon dispatched him, Ahab believed that it must be Kanys Chrool. Once the wounded party memebers along sith Jonkin, healed (aside from the viscious burns permanently disfiguring Jonkin’s features), they decided to head back to the town.

Gideon, a born and bred acrian, exchanged words with Jonkin, making it certain that the pair did not appreciate each other, but they agreed to work in some semblance of disgruntled alliance.

They came to town with a sack full of heads, orcish, goblin, and bugbear, and negotiated a slightly higher rate with Roisden. After recieving pay, they discerned a way to find out for certain if Chrool was the culprit. Ithas entered the general store in the night, and took inventory of everything he could find therein. Gideon found the blacksmith, and Ahab found a new NPC, Thomas Sheepish, the son of the local sheepherder and his family of weavers, who since the mine opened, have become fairly successful wool merchants. Both reported having a fair amount stolen by the goblins in the past months, and both metal and woolen goods were in Ithas’ inventory of goods from the store.

They brought Sheepish and Corlyn into the shop in an effort to identify the goods as stolen. Although Sheepish was only fairly certain, Corlyn identified a set of block and tackle that was absolutely crafted by one of his apprentices, he recognized an imperfection that was characteristic of the young man’s work. It was a piece made for the mine, and how it ended up here in the store, well, there is only one way…it must have come from the goblins.

Asking Chrool’s apprentice, the shopkeeper, where the man could be found, they were directed to the north fields. The trio found the villain there, in negotiations with a halfling merchant who had braved the coming winter to find good price on his tobacco. There they laid out the charges. At first acting dismissive, Chrool produced a dagger and hurled it at Gideon, scoring a nasty hit, lept upon his horse, and rode north into the hills.

the party tried to catch him, but without horses they only had a few long-range shots at bringing him down, the man escaped to go consort with his goblin cohorts.

Upon returning to town, they found a crowd, the same crowd that had twice hailed them as heroes for killing goblins, listening to a furious Thomas Sheepish tell the tale. In the crowd, they spotted Banup, with a smile on his face, obviously expecting the 20% of thier goblin bounty as his payment. In the middle of answering questions, Gideon tried to incite a riot against the Thieve’s guild leader. With some success, Ithas smiled when someone asked him:
“So you mean to tell us that Chrool was responsible for all of this pain and suffering?”
“Yeah,” Ithas responded, pointing to Banup. “Chrool and THAT GUY RIGHT THERE!”

When the crowd gasped and turned to regard a shocked Banup, Ithas melted into the crowd. Gideon took a more direct approach, taking a morning star taken off of a dead orc, and attacking him. Finding the thugs not coming to his aid, Banup fought back ferociously. Ahab joined the fray, and eventually Ithas popped up behind the thief and stabbed him in the back. Together, the trio brought him down.

Noob and Shady McFingers watched the whole exchange, and rallied the remianing thugs to them as they left Banup to be killed. With winter about to close in on the city, The trio decided it would be their goal to destroy the organization of the Hatchets.

Also, Jonkin has decided to take up the roll as the general goods trader and store owner, left vacant by Chrool. With his disfigured face, it is unlikely that he will continue making a good wage as a travelling peddler, so he would stay here. Roisden and the merchants confiscated Chrool’s goods as partial repayment for their losses, but Jonkin claims to have enough contacts to start the business on his own.

Gidoen and Ahab arrange for him to make contact with the bandits who raid the road to the south, and retrieve their books (Ahab’s holy book and Gideon’s spellbook). He offers to retrieve Ahab’s book as a thanks for the efforts in saving his life, and in payment, he agrees to exchange spells with Gideon. Gideon is thrilled to learn more spells, although reluctant to share his spells with an elf.

Gideon seems anxious to kill the remaining thieves. Eager, even. Ahab is thrilled to not have to live by Banup’s rule, and preach and advise the poor all he wants.

At the end of the session, Ithas speaks of developing a plan to destroy the hatchets once and for all, or, at least, removing McFingers and Noob. He is very secretive about his plans, and doesn’s even discuss them with the DM.

I suppose we will find out at the next session.



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