Impoverished in the Northlands

to the old mill

After trading for some shabby winter clothing with Jonkin the peddler, the party decided that they should head straight to the old mill, a 2-day walk from the northern wall of Kylamm. Leaving at mid-day, they would spend 2 nights on the East River Road, and arrive at midday on the second full day. Gideon took strips from his wool cloak and a small piece of leather to craft a sling, and they had roasted rabbit for dinner each night of the trip.

They turned off the road on the east side of the river at the Old Mill Road that morning, headed west towards the mill, and the three hour walk ended with them smelling woodsmoke and hearing gruff shouts from the mill grounds.

Ithas crept ahead, spotted three goblins rummaging through the broken buildings, stripping out old nails, hinges, metal brackets and anything else metal they could lay their grubby mitts on. In addition, an orc who occasionally shouted orders at the goblins lounged in a nook of a massive fallen oak.

After reporting his find, Ithas approached one of the buildings on the northeast side of the complex, and gained entry to the building through a collapsed wall. He crept through the building until he reached where one of the goblins had been entering to salvage metal. Meanwhile, Gideon and Ahab moved wide around the complex to the north, and ducked between a series of old collapsed toolsheds, north of the building Itahs chose, overlooking the open green in the center of the complex. They spotted a fourth goblin, and through the broken wall, signaled its presence to Ithas.

The third goblin entered Ithas’ building on the northeast side of the campus, Ithas grabbed its mouth from the shadows,m and planted his dagger into the thing’s throat, lowering it slowly to the ground. After the fourth goblin walked back out of the mill house (the westernmost building of the complex), Ithas crept behind him across the green, into the mill house. Here he waited, but unsuccessfully ambushed the fourth goblin. Before the goblin could raise alarm, though, the fight was over with Ithas again silencing the beast. Gideon and Ahab, however, heard the scuffle and worriedly looked on to see if either remaining goblin, or the orc on the southern end of the green noticed. None did.

As silently as possible, Gideon and Ahab crept into the mill house to meet Ithas. He tossed Ahab a goblin spear, and stuck a second dagger he had taken for himself into his boot.

Ahab crept to the second story of the mill house, to a balcony that overlooked the green, and noticed that all three remaining monsters were shouting for their two missing companions. The orc ordered the two remaining goblins to drop what they were doing and investigate. They walked under the balcony, and to the northeast side of the building to the great double doors. They entered, and were ambushed by Gideon first, who almost eliminated one of them. Ithas leaped from the shadows, hurling one of his daggers at the second. Ahab, coming down the staircase, held his cudgel high, and with a silent, open-mouthed scream, charged the two. They traded blows with the goblins for two rounds until both were deceased, at which point the Orc busted through the south end of the building, breaking the remnants of a wall with his morning star to gain access.

Gideon immediately loaded and fired his sling, hitting the oafish orc in the temple. Seeing himself outmatched and his war party destroyed, he turned and ran back east, towards the mill road. The trio followed, until eventually Gideon knocked him down with a sling stone, and put an end to the orc.

Ahab cared for some of the wounds Ithas had taken, and those two began looking for supplies. They found a hand-drawn rickshaw the goblins had been using, as well as a wooden wheelbarrow, a wooden mallet, a wooden shovel, assorted metal bits, and a small bit of fishing line and a tinderbox Clyff had left in the floorboards. Ahab went fishing for a meal, while Gideon prepared a solo trip into the woods.

He reasoned that with a hand-drawn cart, few supplies and less winter clothing, the war party had to have a base of operations somewhere within another 2-day walk from here, on this side of the river, fairly close to the road and on level ground (or else the rickshaw would have been unmanageable). He ventured out to find evidence of a trail, while Ahab fished for meals and Ithas rested to recover from his wounds.

Gideon did find a trail, and he pursued it until dark, when he thought he had lost it completely. It is a few hours north of the Mill Road on the East River Road, where the cart ruts seemed to turn into the forest to the east. Having lost the trail completely, he hunkered down for the night, using cantrip to light a small fire to warm himself with.

In the dead of night a noise woke him, from across the fire. He grabbed his quarterstaff from the ground, leaping up, he ran iin the opposite direction – square into another goblin. They had him surrounded. Through some uncanny lucky rolls – er – skillful combat he decimated the one before him with his quarterstaff, turned and demolished the first he had heard. He looked across the fire to see two more, who looked at each other, and saw the fire reflected in Gideon’s eyes, and ran east away from him. Gideon took the dagger and small wooden shield from one of the goblins he had slain, and decapitated the two he had killed (for Roisden’s bounty), using a goblin tunic for a sack.

He decided he had enough scouting for one day, and walked as quietly and quickly as he could back to the road.



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