Impoverished in the Northlands


The party awoke the next day with none other than Rodast Banup himself waiting for them in the common room of the tavern. He made it a point to call out the party for profiting in his territory, and telling them to stop the activities against him and his men (with a not-so-well-veiled-threat).

The party, seeing themselves sorely outnumbered by the other thugs in the tavern, reluctantly agreed to pay him the 20% tribute he demanded. Ahab got some small revenge, after being struck by Banup, he used a “command” spell to force him to apologize, and failing a saving throw, Banup did.

At this point, the party had had enough, and a plan was set in motion to discover more about the Hatchets, and find a way to begin dismantling their organization.

Ithas was to stake out the hideout. As an Alibi, he would leave the city publicly, and Ahab would cast “endure heat and cold” on him once they were a few hours north of the city and out of sight. Gideon lashed together a small raft, and Ithas floated down the icy river to arrive at the dock warren after dark. the clothes he had stolen from the thug the previous night came in handy, stored under the docks, he had a dry change of clothes when Ahab’s spell wore off.

He crept through the alleys until he found the hideout again.



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