Barkeeps of Kylamm

there are three taverns/inns in Kylamm that accept outsiders


The Tin Cup – Neal Brooch

The Tin cup is a dirty barroom with a few filthy residences for rent above. It is located in the Dock Warren, on the Southwest side of the city. A favorite of the Mat Hatchets, it is always likely to find one trying to extract cash from the rivermen or the low-commoners who frequent the place for Neal Brooch’s stale swill. Neal Brooch is the Barkeep and owner of the Tin Cup. A surly fellow, balding with a greasy face, he may be able to cook, but cannot keep his ale fresh to save his life. He apparently has a severe allergy to brooms, mops and washrags, as the filthy Tin Cup proves. He is a good source for local gossip about merchants boats traveling up and down stream, and seems to know an awful lot about banditry, which may be how he got his pronounced limp.

The Iron Cauldron – Idrai Hink

Where the boatmen, hired guards and hired hands of the merchants would have gone to the Tin Cup for their dinner, the owners of the boats, drivers of the wagons and the more well-off people of Kylamm will be patrons of the Iron Cauldron. It is the largest tavern in the city, and even has a few bouncers that will keep a fight down if need be. The Mad Hatchets visit here often, but not often enough to be troublesome. There are two gambling tables at the Cauldron, where entrepreneurs offer a chance for the merchants’ guards to lose their pay. It is likely that these are run by the Hatchets. Idrai is a wise man, who is full of gossip about the day-to-day operations of the people of Kylamm, and will be helpful to any adventurers who are helpful to him. He is tall, with bulky shoulders and knuckles that seem to have broken up too many bar fights in his younger years. He is very handy with the cudgel and loaded crossbow he keeps behind the bar. Bea Doretea is a waitress here, and helps Idrai with the day-to-day operations of the establishment.

The Silver Chalice – Jibel Teinatan

Jibel Teinatan is a wine trader, who opened the Silver Chalice as a place to keep and sell his growing cellar of fine vintage, as well as provide his fellow wealthy patrons with a fine mattress and a carpeted room. Usually found polishing his collection of fine pewter goblets instead of tending bar, he has a few apprentices who serve wine both warm and chilled to his patrons. There is a table reserved at all times for Roisden and the merchants’ guild, and the Chalice will close at any time to house the meetings of the guild. He, it is thought, is one of the chief financiers of the Merchants’ guild, although he would never admit having such allegiances. He has a chef in the back who makes a fine roasted quail, and three “clerks” in the central commons room who seem much to bulky and grizzled to be anything but hired guards. Rumor has it that one of them is a mercenary who took the job defending the casks of wine, and he is wanted in every nation on Belqu’a for murdering more than a hundred men. This rumor, however fun, is completely false. the man is Teinatan’s cousin, and nothing more than a hired hand with a fierce stare.

Jibel himself is a tall, slight, bean-pole man in his later years, he wears fine clothes that seem pressed daily by one of his house-slaves (who all seem to be very well taken care of) and has much more gray in his hair than black. He is good humored, loves a good joke, and is a connoisseur of the arts, loving music above all else except wine. When engaged in conversation about one of his passions (money, art or wine), he tends to get very deep in his cups, but by no means is this man a drunk.


Barkeeps of Kylamm

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