Clyff Doretea

Clyff is a Hunter/trapper in the Kylamm area


1st level ranger
6 HP, AC 8, 20 Thaco

Tracking, Hunting, Rope Use, Survival, Fishing, bowyer/fletcher


Clyff is the oldest of five children, and the only son of Clyff (Sr) and Mrs Bea Doretea. Clyff Sr went missing some weeks before the beginning of the campaign, disappeared after a foray into the forests for furs and venison. What was once a profitable business has fallen since his disappearance, as Clyff Jr cannot trap to the level his father had, and when Clyff Sr disappeared, so did the family’s mule and cart, as well as a fair amount of iron traps. The Doretea’s are about to lose their home to the ruling merchants’ guild of Kylamm, as they can not afford the taxes on the property as charged by the guild any longer.
Clyff Jr is a hard-headed boy, on bad relations with the Merchants’ guild for his temper, and with the local thugs for his tendency to ferociously defend his property when they try to extract money for their weekly tribute.
He is known in town for being an independent youth, who is often disrespectful of authority to the point of insolence. Once past his often sour disposition, though, he is a genuinely kind and caring individual.
His fiery temper is only subdued when around his sisters and mother, whom he cares for deeply.

Clyff Doretea

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