Corlyn the Bald

Corlyn is a skilled blacksmith


Corlyn is a former Acrian slave, bought by the town’s former blacksmith after he married his daughters off, when he was left with no heir to inherit his smithy.

Corlyn wears a cotton cap to cover his shaved bald head, under which the brand that shows he was once a slave, and the brand over it to prove his freedom, is a prominent black and red scar. He was freed by his former owner, who bought him as a boy, once he was skilled enough to be called a journeyman. Corlyn has bought two slaves of his own. One he freed and married, they have four young children, and one he is training to keep his shop.

Corlyn is a good man, and helpful as he can be in these trying times. He accepts the Acrian way of life as it permeates his new home of Klyamm, but he is always seen giving food and water to the slaves in the pens, whenever a slave trader travels near town.

It is hard to forget what life was, and when confronted by any of the merchants, or anyone of obvious Acrian descent, Corlyn instinctively lowers his eyes in humility.


Corlyn the Bald

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