Jonkin the Peddler

Jonkin is a well-traveled peddler visiting Kylamm


Jonkin (yon-KIN … it might be a soft J) and his wagons frequent Kylamm at least once a year, and he stays for most of the winter aquiring orders to be carried out by next year. His overloaded wagon looks like the leftovers of an abandoned village, as he always has a few pots, pans, spools of thread and more to sell on a whim. He does not get on well with Chrool, with whom he competes for orders for special items. Although you may have to wait, Jonkin will provide a good price.

He is also an accomplished performer, a juggler and actor/storyteller. He brings news from other cities in the Vlenyik. His arrival is always a large affair in Kylamm.

He is a slender man, tall and well-dressed. He always smiles, and is always looking for the best deal on any item.


Jonkin the Peddler

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