Kanys Chrool

The general store keeper of Kylamm


Chrool is an admitted member of the merchants’ guild although he doesn’t seem the type. He is a rough man, quick-dealing who won’t take any gruff. He is a provider of general goods, whether that is pickled fish, rope, block and tackle, livestock, cheese, clothing, tools or anything else that is hard to come by, but necessary for survival in the northern reaches of the world.

Of course, there are cheesemakers, fishermen, cobblers and the like, but Chrool, with his beady eyes, his lower class clothing, and his constant grumbling, buys and sells them in bulk. If the cobbler would like sixty extra pairs for his shop shelves, Chrool can get it, the mine to the north needs rope faster than the laborers can twist it, Chrool can get it. Barrels faster than the cooper can make them…Chrool is your guy. He takes special orders, although his pricing is somewhat circumspect…it is not always clear whether his goods are stolen or not.

he lives three blocks from the cauldron, and generally does business on the northern fields, where wagons can drive up, unload, and the people waiting for his wares will take their piece. At the Cauldron, he will generally take orders and do business during days when shipments are not coming in, although he always attends meetings of the Guild at the Silver Chalice.

Unlike other merchants, Chrool is a native of Kylamm, and will likely be here long after the merchants guild has gone. Also unlike most merchants, he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and unloading wagons on his own. He owns no slaves, and is a well-known visitor to the brothels in Naycent when he visits in the spring. In Kylamm, it is not uncommon to see him consorting with unsavory or suspicious characters, whether they are bandits, thieves or simply merchants, they are not from Kylamm.


Kanys Chrool

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