Teaodril Roisden

This stuffy, wealthy man is the interface between the Merchants' guild and the people of Kylamm


Middle-height, middle-aged, this man is an accountant. He is wealthy, and scowls at the quality of food, drink and tobacco available in the small city of Kylamm. Between becoming overly distraught with his three slave-scribes and the up-turned nose with which he addresses the “commoners”, Roisden makes it clear that he expects, and deserves better out of life. He wears an oiled, pointy beard in the Acrian fashion. His hair is black, tinged with grey, and behind his gold-rimmed spectacles he has dark brown eyes. It is his position in the city of Kylamm to be tax collector and interface between the people and the merchants. He can be found daily, taking audiences and collecting taxes, at the Silver Chalice.


A typical wealthy Acrian without lands, he made his wealth as a lumber trader with some investment in the slave trade. He has most of his money tied up in the Acrian mine to the north of Kylamm, but as the Acrian Aristocracy has begun taking over the prospecting, his investments there have become less, and he joined the Merchants’ guild with the hopes of nearing retirement, financing projects in the area that are profitable.

He offers a bounty on goblin heads in the area, as they have become a detriment to investments the guild has made in the area, and the reputation of Kylamm as not secure has slowed trade to the city and surrounding region.

As a part of the tax, the guild is expected to keep business safe in the area, and as they have not raised a watch, and the Kylamm citizenry are constantly harried by goblin raids and the Mat Hatchets, the people are becoming fed up with the taxes and the promises made by the merchants’ guild, with no actions taken. Roisden will gladly commission more work for the adventurers if they prove worthwhile.

Teaodril Roisden

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