The Mad Hatchets

the street thugs of Kylamm


A small thieves’ guild with loose leadership, the Mad Hatchets are made up of young men trying to establish a crime ring in a city with very little legal protection. Below are listed a few of the higher-ranking thugs.

Shady McFingers
1st level thief, thac0-20, AC8, 5 hp – dagger/club.
Shady is a cunning pickpocket with a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. He would avoid a fight at all costs. He is recognizable by his bright, gleaming smile.

Henry Noob
1st level fighter, thaco 20, 8hp, ac10, club/dagger/handaxe(unequipped)
Noob is a thug in the truest sense, a strongarm that exploits his massive size to threaten and extort money from local businesses. He is not bright, but he is ambitious. He is willing, unwisely, to step around the Hatchets’ leader (Rodast Banup) to make his own profits. He doesn’t back down. Ever. He has blond hair, and appears to be of Ikish descent, making him instantly recognizable in the area.

Marl Cao
Skills unknown – deceased. Ithas killed Marl when the hatchet’s distillery was burned down.
Marl is quiet and contemplative. He is second only to the Rodast, leader of the hatchets. One look into his dark, darting eyes will show that the man has no compassion for anyone. He appears to be fiercely loyal to Rodast. His appearance is dark skinned, though hard to place as either from Osisis in the southern desert, or Kres D’Seea in the eastern islands.

Rodast “The Hatchet” Banup
Rodast is the Mad Hatchet Himself. He arrived in Kylamm a little over a year ago and organized the thugs and thieves under his rule, and has led them to some semblance of wealth. Called “The Hatchet” by the people of Kylamm, he knows how to use his hand axe with some proficiency. In the days of his ascension, a few thieves and thugs contested him, their hands and feet were hanging from Rodast’s upper floor windows by the morning, obviously removed with the hatchet he keeps at his belt. However much people rumor that he is a lunatic murderer to be feared, if confronted by him, the adventurers will only find a lucid, sane, conniving and manipulative leader of thieves. It seems as if the rumors to his lunacy and ruthlessness were started by himself of his right hand, Marl, in order to make the “Mad Hatchets” a more fearsome force on the streets of Kylamm.


The Mad Hatchets

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